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[IEP] Inspection by the Provincial Education Bureau @ Tianchang High School

On 16th April 2015, a team of education experts and specialists from the Anhui Provincial Education Bureau, headed by the Bureau's Quality Inspection Department, visited Tianchang High School's International Department and assessed it's International Programme. The purpose of the inspection was to assess the overall quality of the IEP, it's administration, academic quality, and cohesiveness between CWin and TC High School, and is thus considered a programme accreditation assessment by the authorities, the first of it's kind in Anhui.

The director of Tianchang Municipal Department of Education, Mr. Wu Xianggui, Tianchang High school's headmaster, Mr. Li Shanlin, CWin's Director Dr. Wang Shih Ching and Manager Mr. Tao Jinqiu, as well as the school administration received the inspection team upon their arrival.

CWin has collaborated with Tianchang High School on the International programme since 2007, and has so far managed the project in strict accordance to the requirements of the authorities, as well as international academic standards. The general feedback of the joint project has been very positive thus far.

During the visit, CWin and TC High School's representatives reported and led the inspectors through it's operations and administrative procedures, while the inspectors went through the documents prepared by various departments. At the later half of the inspection, the team of experts went on-site, and visited the international office and classrooms. Two of the specialists observed and evaluated a lesson each conducted by one of the foreign teachers, and had an informal chat with the IEP students. A closed-door formal meeting between the team and IEP students were also arranged shortly after the site visit to gather feedback directly from the students.

After the assessment, the team gave a general positive feedback of the project, particularly commending on the outstanding collaborative efforts between the High School and CWin. The experts further hope that CWin could strengthen the ties with the school, deepen it's academic integration, and introduce more good quality programmes and resources from abroad.

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