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Teaching English

Language Courses

Many of our programmes have a strong communicative elements, as the advantages of being able to write, speak and understand another language are many. Both English and Chinese are now the undisputed languages of business, international trade, tourism and diplomacy.
In many companies English is the standard for communications even though it is not the first language of any of its staff or managers. Take the example of a Korean company, operating in China, with Chinese, Korean, East Asian staff and international clients, who use English for all management communications as it is the only common language.

English Language

The basic theme in our English Department's series of courses is to enable learners to converse in the language confidently and use it in their studies or general career development. We adopt the Council of Europe’s Common European Framework (CEF) of reference for language teaching and assessment


Please download our course list for more information.

Chinese Language

Our Chinese Department endeavour to provide programmes that are rich in content, with innovative and creative elements, to develop the language ability of students, while exposing them to the finer essentials of the Chinese culture. Our courses are designed to raise our learners’ passion and interest in the Chinese culture, while increasing their confidence in communication.


Please visit our Chinese centre for more information.

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