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Giving a Speech

Chairlady's Welcome


It is by fate that C Win is able to expand its operations in China, and this opportunity has since become a very challenging duty to us. Ever since the organising of the educational exchange in Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand and Australia (for the leaders of the Anhui Provincial Education Department) in 2004, we have collaborated with the local education departments to conduct several Teacher-Training courses in the Province, and later followed by successful collaborative English language programmes with several prestigious schools.

It is by no means an easy task running English Language programmes in China, and our specialists have been continually improving and adapting our strategies and materials to suit the local context. We strive to unlock the difficulties of learning English in China, and we have since gained a notable reputation.

With the globalization, there have also been rapid changes to the English curriculum in China. With regards to these changes, we have also set up a dedicated department to do research and to continually modify our programmes.

Lastly, let me encourage fellow educators with the sayings from the great educator Tao Xing Zhi: “Strive, strive, strive forward, strive upward, first stand firm, then decide which direction to take. One step at a time, one step closer each time. To have a good fortune (life), we have to first expend ourselves.”

Dr. Yap Chik Ping, Chairlady

About CWin

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C Win Learning Centre was established and registered with the Ministry of Education (Singapore) in 1999, and was initially focused on providing intensive language programmes. We have since evolved into a professional academic organization, whose intention and purpose is to develop, and deliver quality educational and training services for individuals and organizations.


We have been managing and delivering educational projects and programmes in China since 2004, with programmes ranging from Teacher-Training courses to joint programmes in top Government High Schools. To further facilitate C Win’s activities in China, we set up 2 subsidiaries in Anhui Province in 2006 (Anhui C Win Education Consultation) and in 2013 (Anhui C Cube Education Consultation).


In 2013, the Foreign Expert Bureau of Anhui Province also issued the first “Foreign Expert Recommendation License” (the first of its kind) to Anhui C Win Education Consultation, in recognition of its professionalism in sourcing, hiring and managing foreign experts. With this license, C Win could formally help government agencies, schools and organizations source for and recruit foreign experts to work in China.

Vision and Mission

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Our vision is to produce students who think global, are competitive globally, respectful of their own cultural roots and the different cultures in the global village.


Our mission is to develop a more meaningful and creative teaching environment to promote students learning. Through the use of the latest learning techniques, to develop more confident and independent learners, helping students develop the skills needed to meet the needs of the global market place.

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