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[IEP] Inspection by the Provincial Education Bureau @ Lu'An No. 1 High School

On 1st April 2015, a team of inspectors and specialists from the Anhui Provincial Education Bureau came to Lu’an No.1 High school to assess the operations of the International English Department and its programmes. The team was headed by the Director of the Provincial Education Quality Department, Mr. Wang Kaishou, and comprised of 5 academic and education specialists. They were warmly received by the school Principal Mr. Xia Yuewu, the vice principals, and other school officials. Together with them were CWin Director Dr. Wang Shih Ching and Operations manager Mr. Tao Jinqiu.

In the morning, the team listened to the school’s reports on the IEP project, checked all the relevant documents and went on-site to inspect the IEP classrooms, facilities and academic materials.

In the later half of the day, they observed the English lessons of Year 1 students, as conducted by the foreign teachers. At the end of the day, student representatives from each IEP class were given questionnaires and they were also interviewed by the assessment team.

In conclusion, the team had a positive impression of the joint-project, and expressed the hope that the IEP project will continue to help in broadening the horizons of the students.

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