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[IEP] Inspection by the Police Bureau and Science & Tech Bureau from Chuzhou City @ Tianchang IEP

On the morning of October 10, 2022, Tianchang Immigrations Department visited the International Department of Tianchang High School.

During the visit, Officer Wu gave full recognition to the management of foreign teachers in Tianchang High School. The police conducted checks on the permits of the foreign teachers, learned about their most recent work, life and family in detail, and actively publicized relevant laws and regulations as well as knowledge of epidemic prevention and control, and informed them of their rights and obligations to live in China.

In addition, the police introduced the "three non-foreigners" to the foreign teachers, and made a detailed interpretation of the relevant legal provisions. At the same time, the International Department of Tianchang Senior High School publicized the "migratory bird program" for students. Finally, the police explain to foreign teachers patiently and promote the relevant knowledge of telecom fraud. We sincerely solicit the opinions and suggestions of foreign teachers on entry-exit work, and guide them to actively communicate with the entry-exit police, so as to jointly create a stable and orderly foreign-related environment.




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