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[IEP] 2015 Outfield Summer Camp for the Wuwei IEP @ the Hefei Intangible Cultural Heritage Park

On 16th July 2015, CWin organised a 7-day outfield summer camp for the graduating students @ Wuwei No. 1 High School at the China Intangible Cultural Heritage Park (Hefei). Aside from rewarding the students for their efforts in preparing for the High School exams, the aim of the summer camp was also to train the students’ team-working skills.

The students took part in several activities during the summer camp: fountain shows ,horse shows and horse rides, water games, aquarium, campfire party, ice engraving and visits to different scenery spots in Hefei City.

During the daytime, all the students were engaged in the more exciting activities; at night, they were arranged to live in the dormitory where students can experience university life ahead of time.

Although the weather was a little hot, the students were all enthusiastic. It was yet another successful outfield summer camp and we look forward to next year’s camp.

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