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[IEP] 2014 Speech Contest @ Suzhou No. 2 High School

The Suzhou No.2 High School English Speech Contest was held on May 16, 2014. This activity was supported by Suzhou No.2 High School and the CWin International Department. The secretary of the school's CCP Committee, Ma Qiang, the secretary of the school’s Disciplinary Committee, Wang Jiahai, the head of academics Mdm Ma Yanhua, CWin Director Dr. Wang, Operations Mr. Tao attended the event. The foreign teachers from CWin included Dr. Gene Rhoton, Mr. Ned Butikofer, Mr. Steve Boyd, and Ms Jocelyn Asane. Two English teachers from the school, Ms Peng and Ms Tian, also served as the judges of the contest. The IEP students acted as the masters of ceremony and performers.

The process of the contest was splendid, speech topics were closely related with the theme of the times, which showed the active spirit of contemporary senior high school students.

The fluent enunciation and expressive body language of the contestants won thundering applause every now and then, and the marvelous performances also won cheers.

After two and half hours of fierce competing, one champion, three first-places, four second-places, and five third-places were selected out of 20 contestants.

At the end of the event, the foreign judges gave evaluation speeches to all the contestants.

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