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[IEP] 2012 English Corners for Non-IEP Students @ Tianchang High School

The first English Corner (for non-IEP students) was organized and conducted by the Tianchang International Department on the 18th, September, Tuesday. A student representative was selected from each class to take part in the activity.

After the foreign teachers had introduced themselves, they started by emphasizing to the students the importance of the English Corner, as it provides a very good opportunity for them to practice and improve their English language skills.

As a warmer, the students were each given a different card with a different question. They were then instructed to first practise asking and answering questions in pairs. Through this simple communicative activity, the students quickly got acquainted while practising their English skills.

The students were then asked to mingle around and communicate with other students, with the teachers participating in the activity to help encourage the students while at the same time correcting their pronunciation.

Towards the end of the session, the students had gained some confidence and enthusiasm, and started to make up their own questions to communicate with the foreign teachers. The teachers then ended the session by briefly summarizing the objectives of the activities, especially on the importance of actively using the English language.

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