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[Exchange] University of West Georgia Representatives visit Lu'An No. 1 High School

Accompanied by the CWin management team, Professor William Schaniel from the University of West Georgia (UWG), and his associate Dr. Robert Jones visited Lu'an No.1 high school.

Principal Mr. Xia Yuewu and Vice-Principal Mr. Jiang Ping warmly received the guests and participated in the exchange activity in the school's conference room.

Both parties introduced the respective institutions' histories and current progress, and Professor Schaniel extended his invitation to the school administration to visit UWG. During the meeting, both sides shared their ideas on broadening the students' horizons, promoting bicultural exchanges, improving academic exchanges, and in-depth discussions about the successful practices and problems of education.

After the meeting, the guests toured the school campus.

On the same afternoon, the guests conducted a lecture for the Year 2 IEP students in the school lecture hall. The students were encouraged to express their likes, aims and objectives in their studies and their future careers. The entire session was energetic and lively, with excellent participation and interaction between the speakers and the students.

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