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[Exchange] Provincial Education Bureau Representative visit Tianchang High School

On May 12th, Ms Geng ZunFang, head of the Foreign Affairs Department (Department of Education, Anhui Province), visited Tianchang High School. Principal Madam Tao Ning, Party Secretary Mr. Liu ShiTao, and Vice Principals Mr. Zheng XunYang and Mr. Hong ZhaoAo, received her.

During the visit at the school, Ms. Geng showed great interest in the school's outlook, and commented on the excellent upkeep and maintenance of the school buildings and facilities. The school administration then accompanied Ms. Geng to the school's museum, while introducing the school's history since it's inception.

The school leaders and CWin management then gave a combined work report to Ms. Geng, where information about the founding of the formal international department, it's programmes and activities over the past years were presented. The meeting was also cordially joined by CWin's foreign teachers (Ms Jeannine Callwood and Dr Leonardo Jimenez), where they were asked about their teaching or living conditions.

Ms Geng fully acknowledged the accomplishments that CWin and Tianchang High School had collaboratively achieved so far, and expressed her continued support for more projects for the International Department. She hopes that the school can further strengthen international communications and collaborations through such a good platform, to help Anhui Province produce more international talents in the future.

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