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[Exchange] 2014 Anhui School Delegate visits Singapore and Malaysia

On 8th August, 2015, C Win organized an educational exchange between it's partner schools in Anhui Province and Malaysian Southern University College.

Representatives from the three high schools (Tianchang High School, Lu'An No.1 High School and Wuwei No.1 High School were accompanied by C Win Director Dr. Wang Shih Ching, and manager Mr. Tao Jinqiu.

The primary objective of the visit and exchange was to strengthen the collaborative efforts between the various parties.

During the exchange, Southern University President Professor Thock gave a vivid and thorough introduction of the history, formation and characteristics of Southern University, while expounding on the possibilities of the partnerships.

The representatives from China were impressed with the achievements and expansion plans of the University. All the parties formally signed a memorandum of partnership, promised deeper collaborative efforts in the near future, and exchanged souvenirs towards the end of the meeting.

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