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[Teacher Training] 2010 Teacher Training @ Tianchang High School

On 13th September 2010, we had the honour of inviting Mr. Joseph Moody, Director of Custom Design Training (CDT) Singapore, and Senior Academic Consultant of C Win Corporation Singapore, to join in an English Teacher Workshop jointly organised by the Tianchang High School Academic Department and the International Department (C Win Singapore), at the school conference room.

The opening was graced with the presence of the Principal Mdm Tao Ning, Vice-Principals Mr. Zheng Xunyang, Mr. Zhao Kelin and Mr. Hong Zhaoao. Attendees from C Win include Mr Wang Shih Ching (C Win Director of Studies / Deputy Director), Mr. Eustaquio Damaolao (C Win English Teacher), Mr. Tao Jinqiu (C Win Project Manager), and Ms. Nora Zheng Jing (C Win English Teacher); while attendees from Tianchang High School include most of the teachers from the English department, including the Head of Department Mr Jin Zuyong, and the IEP Form Teacher Ms Katherine Zheng Xunhong.

The workshop covered topics such as:

1. Problems with teaching English in China;

2. Difference between the teaching approaches of the C Win English Teachers and the School Teachers (basically the Communicative approach and the Audio-Lingualism / Grammar Translation Approach);

3. Teaching Mixed-Ability Classes;

4. Teaching Big Classes;

5. Possibilities of infusing "Creative Thinking Skills" into the teaching processes;

While the topics were not covered in depth, the workshop's significance was in that it marked the start of a series of academic seminars and exchanges between the school and C Win Singapore - and both parties have the common goal of improving the English Teaching and Learning standards within the school.

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