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[Teacher Training] 2010 Teacher Training @ Lu'An No.1 High School

On 16th September 2010, we had the honour of inviting Mr. Joseph Moody, Coordinating Director of CDT Singapore, and Senior Academic Consultant of C Win Corporation Singapore, to join in an English Teacher Workshop jointly organised by the English Department of the Lu’An No. 1 High School, and the Lu’An No. 1 High School International Department (C Win Singapore), at the International Office.

Attendees from C Win include Mr Wang Shih Ching, Ms. Jean Clores, Mr. Tao Jin Qiu, Mr. Matthew Ma Shi, Mr. Mikhail Foo, and Special Guest Mr. Bob Powell; while attendees from Lu’An No.1 High School included some of the teachers from the English Department, including the Head of Department Mr. Thomas.

The workshop covered topics such as:

1. Problems with teaching English in China;

2. Difference between the teaching approaches of the CWin English teachers (from the International Department), and the school teachers (using more traditional approaches);

Though the discussion was short (due to time constraints), it was a fruitful one, as teachers from both sides were now better acquainted with one another, and had promised to organise further exchanges to improve our teaching quality together, exploring how we could further complement each other.

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