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[IEP] Inspection by the Police Bureau and Science & Tech Bureau from Chuzhou City @ Tianchang IEP

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

On 4th November 2021, representatives from the Chuzhou City Police Bureau, Chuzhou City Science and Technology Bureau, the Tianchang City Science and Technology Bureau conducted a joint inspection and evaluation on the Foreign Personnel Work Permit and Residential Permit operations of the Tianchang High School International Department.

Representing the school were the School Party Secretary Mr. Zhao Kelin and CWin Ops Manager Mr. Tao Jinqiu, who explained the specificities of the department’s operations (e.g., the recruitment and management procedures of foreign personnel employed in the school). The inspectors were also informed of the school’s arrangement for the vaccination of the foreign staff, in light of the ongoing Covid situation.

The inspectors concluded their evaluation work by affirming the collaborative efficiency of the school and C Win Corp pertaining to the management of the foreign personnel in China. The experts further proposed to understand the difficulties that the foreign teachers might be facing in the face of the tense epidemic situation domestically and abroad, and to remind the foreign personnel to comply with the relevant government policies and requirements.




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