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[IEP] IEP First Opening @ Suzhou No. 2 High School

The orientation ceremony was attended by Vice Principal Tao Sun, the head of academics Mdm Ma Yanhua, the CWin Director Mr. Wang Shih Ching, Operations Manager Mr. Tao Jin Qiu, foreign teacher Jeannine and the office executive Sam Xiao, other teachers of IEP and all the students with their parents. The orientation was hosted by Mr Sun.

The IEP of Suzhou No.2 High School is a China-Singapore Joint Educational programme that was approved by the Anhui Provincial Educational Department and the Ministry of Education. The primary aims is not only to let the let students achieve the domestic high school education requirements, but also to attain high levels of English language proficiency. In addition, the students could also familiarise themselves with foreign teaching and assessment methods, as well as adapt to cultural differences. This provides a more wholesome educational package rather than purely academic subjects achievements.

During the orientation, Mr Wang gave a welcome speech and made a brief introduction about the IEP, Mdm Ma made some complement for the speech of introduction. Mr Tao added some special characteristics of IEP and disciplines required in the routine. Besides, the foreign teacher Jeannine shared some feeling about staying in China. In the end, in the name of the class, the representative of students Jessica Zhang made a short statement and made a promise that never bow to difficulties; never say die to setbacks; never lose heart to bad performances.

At the end of the orientation, some leaders answered the questions respectively put forward by the parents. After that, the guide took the parents do a tour around the campus and the School history museum.

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