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[IEP] Guest Teachers (LA Team) @ Wuwei No.1 High School

CWin Teachers Jean and Bob from the Lu'An IEP visited the international department @ Wuwei No. 1 High School from the 28th - 30th August 2015 as part of our teacher-exchange arrangements.

Both teachers as well as the students had a great time in Wuwei, not only enjoying the lessons they had together, but also in celebrating Halloween with fun activities. Two female school English teachers who were observing them also joined in the fun.

During the classroom lessons, the teachers shared various topics with the students: Halloween; Promenade (Prom) Life of teenagers in the UK and the USA; and the British Education System.

There was a question and answer session after every lesson. The head of the English department Mr. Lang was very pleased with the lessons, and asked for a copy of the videos that the teachers used in the classes.

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