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[IEP] 2021 CPR Training @ Lu'An No.1 High School

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

In order to further improve the awareness of the youth CPR knowledge and enhance the ability of emergency treatment, Lu’an No.1High School International Department organized the Year 2 students to learn CPR course together at the Li Xue Building hall on March 25, 2021, from 14:20 to 16:00. Han Yu, deputy chief nurse, Chen Lingzhi, Huang Yong, Shao Dandan and Hu Yue, deputy chief physician of Lu 'an People's Hospital were invited to give the lecture.

This lecture is divided into two parts: theoretical explanation and practical operation. First of all, Hu Yue, deputy chief physician of Lu 'an People's Hospital, vividly introduced the causes and judgment methods of cardiac arrest through multimedia, as well as the procedures, methods, precautions and conditions for stopping the operation of CPR for adults. Secondly, deputy chief nurse Han Yu, Chen Lingzhi, Huang Yong and Shao Dandan explained the operation process and technical essentials by human model of CPR and did synchronous demonstration. Finally, Everyone carried out the actual operation on the spot, and each student actively participated in the practice.

Through this course, students not only learned the knowledge of CPR, mastered the primary first aid skills, but also learned the basic rescue methods, and laid a foundation for the correct implementation of CPR for the first aid patients.




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