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[IEP] Cambridge Certificates Awarding @ Lu'An No. 1 High School

On the afternoon of April 22, IEP teachers Jean Clores and Bob Powell gave certificates to IEP students who took the Cambridge English PET test in ther third year in the high school.

The MSE exam is a two-level exam for primary and secondary school students in the Cambridge General Level 5 exam designed by the Cambridge University Examinations Board. The exam is designed to fully test the four aspects of listening, speaking, reading and writing. Level. Qualified persons are awarded a standard uniform certificate of achievement by the Cambridge University Examinations Board, which is valid for life.

The person in charge of relevant English education said that from the perspective of English learning, it is more focused on the cultivation of comprehensive abilities, covering all real-life scenes of English-speaking that students can help students in the future study and work. MSE is one of the most authoritative examinations recognized by domestic primary and secondary school students for their English proficiency test. Due to its authority, many secondary schools in China use this certificate as a reference standard for students' entry into English.

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