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[IEP] 2022 Inlingua iSpeak Virtual Speech Contest @ Lu'An No. 1 High School

Year 2 Awarding of Prizes: inlingua ispeak competition

On December 6, 2022, at 12:20 p.m. the awarding of prizes for the inlingua ispeak competition was held in the IEP hall of the International Building in Lu’an No. 1 High School new campus.

It was attended by 21 Year 2 students, 4 foreign teachers, and 2 Chinese teachers.

It was opened by Ms. Jean L. Clores, the IEP senior foreign teacher. She welcomed, and congratulated, all participants for a job well done!

It was followed by giving of certificate of participation to 21 participants. The 3 foreign teachers (Ms. Magz, Ms. Tamfuh, and Ms. Lily) helped in handing out the certificates.

The highlight of the activity was the awarding of prizes: Bronze + RMB 200; Silver + RMB 300; Gold + RMB 500. Ms. Magz awarded the bronze winners, Ms. Tamfuh awarded the silver winners and Ms. Lily awarded the gold winners.

The awarding of prizes was hosted by Ms. Summer (Zhen Chao Min) and Ms. Euro (Li Yun Feng) oversaw photo shoots. Everyone was happy to receive the fruits of their labor.

The list of winners:

1. The gold winners: Li Yan; Fang Rui

2. The silver winners: Li Yao Yu; Huang Hai Bo; Zhao Ya Zi

3. The bronze winners: Wan Li Le; Li Yue Ran

高二Inlingua i Speak英语演讲比赛颁奖仪式

2022年12月6日中午12:20,六安一中国际部在新校区国际楼一楼多功能教室举行了Inlingua iSpeak英语演讲比赛颁奖仪式。


国际部资深外教Jean L. Clores女士主持开幕。她热烈欢迎并祝贺所有参赛选手的出色表现!









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