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[IEP] 2022 Inlingua Emerging Writers Challenge @ Tianchang High School

The inlingua School of Languages Singapore jointly organised a writing contest (the "inlingua Emerging Writers Challenge") with C Win in October,2022.

19 year 2 students from Tianchang High School International Department participated in the Contest.

Like the virtual speech contest, this event also helped the students improve their English competencies and gain exposure to such international events.

The award ceremony was held on 29th November, and the winners and participants were presented with certificates and cash prizes.

10月底,新加坡华盛教育中心与新加坡英林阁语言学校(Inlingua School of Languages)共同举办Inlingua Writing Contest(英林阁writing线上演讲比赛),此次演讲比赛面向天长中学高二年级国际部,由于学生参赛积极性比较高,在国际班外教Spha的指导下,通过层层选拔,孙亚辰,陆子申,杨澍,邵玮,黄业淇,许文溪,田子琪,陆一鸣,戴舒宇,朱诚,王星源,陈宗焘,戴复恒,周其飞,黄琪,郁楚苧,张静,吴青桐,沈正奇等19名同学脱颖而出,最终,经过同学们的认真准备都取得了良好的成绩。其中,孙亚辰,郁楚苧,戴复恒3名同学获得了三等奖。新加坡华盛教育中心外教Spha和Sofia为所有同学颁发了证书,为获奖者颁发了奖金。


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