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[IEP] 2017 Year 1 Parents' Meeting @ Lu'An No. 1 High School

On the evening of October 11, 2017, the IEP Year 1 Parents’ Meeting @ Lu’An No.1 High School was held in the school lecture hall. School leaders, C Win operation manager Mr. Tao Jinqiu, Year 1 parents, teachers and students attended this meeting. This meeting was hosted by Principal Li Yongjiang.

The school leaders expressed their warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to the parents and then introduced the achievements made by the IEP over those ten years. The leaders also introduced the various advantages the IEP had over regular classes, like assigning senior teachers as the subject teachers, increasingly higher quality students over the years, and most importantly the resources offered by the international department.

The school leaders hope that the students can make full use of the three years in school to work hard and get into their target university. Secondly, the manager of school teaching department introduced the IEP class teaching management model, including IEP class management, teaching management, teachers’ management and students’ enrollment management.

Mr. Tao jinqiu, CWin Operations Manager, gave a brief introduction of the IEP and provided information for students to study abroad. At last, the representative of the student's parents gave a speech, and the manager of the school political education department made a summary statement.

This parents meeting not only promotes understanding between the school and family, but also help the parents understand more of IEP, while also promoting the contact between teachers, parents and students, to help the students to learn better at school.

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