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[IEP] 2017 Speech Contest @ Tianchang High School

Our 10th IEP speech contest @ Tianchang High School was held on May 8, 2017. IEP teachers Jean, Bob and Steve from other IEP schools came to support this event as judges. 24 Year1 contestants were picked to compete with each other in the contest. Our IEP students also did an excellent job in songs, dance, and instrument performances.

The topic of the speech is ‘I Have a Dream’. After a fierce competition, Li Jingchen, who is from class 16, emerged as the champion. His native English pronunciation, proper stage presence and decent cloth make him outstanding among the contestants.

School principal Mr. Li Shanlin and CWin director Dr. Wang awarded the trophies to the winners.

At the end of the speech, CWin’s academic manager Dr. Gene concluded the event and gave a speech on the meaningfulness of the event, as it not only helps our IEP students improve their English but can inspire all the other students’ interest of learning English. We are looking forward to having this activity held for our students forever.

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