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[IEP] 2017 Speech Contest @ Lu‘An No.1 High School

The 11th annual speech contest was held on a Friday afternoon of April 7, at the school hall of Lu’An No.1 High School. It started at 2:20 until 4:40. It was attended by the school officials headed by Principal Li Yongjiang, teachers, and CWin staff headed by Dr. Wang Shih Ching. The event lasted for more than 2 and a half hours because there

were also performances from talented students.

It was opened by all IEP students by singing “Sunshine in the Rain” accompanied on drums by Li Qi Jian (Bismark) from Class 4. The school’s vice principal Mr. Yin Xiaocheng formally opened the event. He emphasized that learning English helps us open a bigger door to the outside world, to see further, and to open our minds.

There were 8 contestants, and their topics are: Oh, me, Oh my, How time flies!, It’s good to try something new, Importance of time, and My Hero. The contestants gave a 3 minute prepared speech, after their speeches, there was a question from the judges which they answered confidently and sensibly. The judges were Dr.Gene Rhoton from the USA,

Mrs. Cecelia McMorrow from Canada, Mr. Steve Boyd from Canada, and Miss Mae Santig from the Philippines.

In between speeches, there were performances from the students such as singing of English songs, performing a comedy sketch, an acrostic, hip-hop dancing and playing musical instruments like saxophone, hulusi, violin, erhu, electric guitar, piano and drums.

The most awaited part was the awarding: 5 contestants received the 4th place: Li Yihan (Yoyo) (Class 1), Wang Yuan (Kevin) Class 2, Sun Jiuyue (Francis) Class 2, Gao Wenjing (Ann McNeil) Class 3, Luo Chun Yu (Justin Whether) Class 3. 3rd place went to Zhang Yujing (Ashlee) Class 1, 2nd place went to Chen Keying (Ezra) Class 4 and the 1st place

went to Jiang Liuliu (Selina Mayer) Class 4.

The school officials and teachers awarded them all with certificates and trophies. Dr. Gene Rhoton, the Academic Manager of CWin gave the closing speech. He was very impressed with the students’ speeches and performances that he told them to keep up their good work!

Last, but not least, was the singing of the Chinese song: “Shi Nian.” (10 years) dedicated to their IEP teacher Ms. Jean L. Clores, from the Philippines who has been teaching the programme for 10 years. It was indeed an afternoon to remember!!!

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