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[IEP] 2017 Academic Achievement Awards @ Lu'An High School

The annual student academic awards ceremony was held for Year 2 students at Lu'An Number 1 High School on June 28. It was attended by the School representatives, CWin representatives and IEP teachers and students.

Receipients for the most academic improvement awards were:

Class 1: Chen Baoxi (Mark)

Class 2: Li Chenrui (September)

Class 3: Dou Zhengfie (James Paul)

Class 4: Tao Haoru (James)

Receipients for the best academic results awards were:

Class 1: Xu Yi (Thea)

Class 2: Chen Xin (Ulysses)

Class 3: Cai Xiang (Wendy)

Class 4: Yang Xingyu (Jane)

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