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[IEP] 2016 X'Mas Celebrations @ Lu'An No. 1 High School

Ho! Ho! Ho! It’s Christmas party for Lu’An Year 1 and Year 2 IEP students.The Christmas party for Year 1 was held 20 Dec. while Year 2 had it on 21 Dec. 2016.

Year 1’s party started with the singing of Christmas carols “Jingle Bells” and “We wish you a Merry Christmas.”Games such as “pass the bat,” “musical chairs,” “balloon stomping,” and “sour candy” eating contest were played. Christmas kitchen towels, Santa shoes, Christmas kitchen gloves, boxes of pretzels, and candies were given as prizes to the winners.Year 1 had met Santa Claus and gave them a bar of snickers.

Year 2 had a KTV style Christmas party. Students sang to their hearts’ content their favourite Chinese and English songs (solo, duet and trio) while 3 students showed off their talents in playing the guitar and the traditional Chinese musical instrument “Dizi.” In between the singing, names were drawn for the prizes. (Christmas kitchen towels, Santa shoes, Christmas kitchen gloves, and boxes of pretzels). They were all given a bar of snickers and candies too.

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