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[IEP] 2016 Speech Contest @ Lu‘An No.1 High School

On the afternoon of April 21, our annual English speech contest was held in the school lecture hall. School principals Mr Xia, Mr Jiang and Mr Yin, accompanied by CWin Director Dr. Wang, attended the event. Dr. Gene Rhoton, Ms. Jocelyn, Mr. Steve, Ms. Cecelia, Mr. Cheng Rui, Ms. Cui Ping were judges of the speech contest.

Principal Yin Xiaocheng did the opening speech for this speech contest. He pointed out that the I.E.P. English speech contest not only promotes the progress of everyone’s English speaking, but more help to strengthen the relationship of all students. To learn English well is a long process, and the students still have a long way to go. They would need to practice speaking English every minute, every hour, and every day, make English full of the school's resources.

The contest is divided into the "speech" and "answer off the cuff". It has 8 contestants. Year 1 class 4 Zhang Kangning’s topic is "video games: good or bad?" His clearly fluent English, affectionately speech won the judges unanimously praise. Finally, He won the first prize in the contest.

Dr. Gene Rhoton, the academic manager of our CWin made comments for the contest. He first affirmed the significance of this English speech contest and highly praised all the contestants’ positive participation enthusiasm and hard work. He told that in the future, we are not a person in a country, but a person in the world.

This contest not only provides students with talents stage but help to build our school English learning atmosphere. At the same time, it also arouses the enthusiasm of students learning English and promotes the construction of the school's English teaching.

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