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[IEP] 2016 Academic Achievement Awards @ Lu'An No. 1 High School

On the morning of June 27, the Lu’An IEP 2015-2016 awarding ceremony was held at the school lecture hall. The CWin management, teachers and Year 1, Year 2 students all attended this awarding ceremony.

Director Dr. Wang and the IEP teachers presented certificates to the 16 students, which included Year 1 and Year 2. Chen Kaidong (Christopher), Gao Ruofan (Gauss),Zhou Ruiqi (Rachel), Chen Pengpeng (Fanny), Si Jiyi (Linda), Hu Chentao (Paul), Wang Shiyu (Lynn), Huang Xiaoran (Sunshine) were awarded the first place; Ma Xianguang (Cech), Li Guangyuan (Napier), Wang Zhiyue (Amanda), Li Shengyang (Vincent Smith), Xuan Jihao (Berry), Wang Xianqiang (Johnson), Li Man (Iris), Zheng Rui (Paul) were the most improved awardees.

After awarding, Dr. Wang gave a concluding speech. He encouraged all students to redouble their efforts, treat time as gold, methodical, and gradually develop the good habit of eugenics growth, striving for excellence.

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