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[IEP] 2015 Speech Contest @ Tianchang High School

On the afternoon of 10th May, as scheduled, the annual IEP speech contest @ Tianchang was held in the lecture hall. 8 topics were selected, and a total of 24 contestants from each class were selected to compete at the finals. The panel of judges were made up of 3 English teachers from the school and 5 foreign teachers from C Win.

At the beginning of the event, Mr. Li Shanlin, the principal of Tianchang High School, gave a short opening speech. He fully affirmed the idea of running the international department, noting that it is in line with the trend of the times, and that activities such as the speech contest would help promote English learning in the school. In addition, he emphasized that the IEP speech contest could help train students' confidence and public speaking skills.

During the contest, the contestants showed a good understanding of the topics, and displayed their outstanding communicative skills, while highlighting their contemporary and positive outlook.

To add excitement and interest in the event, songs and dance numbers were also included.

The wonderful speeches and performances drew roaring applause from the judges and audience in the packed hall during the entire event.

After 2 hours of exciting competition, Zhangyan from class 11 emerged as the champion.

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