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[IEP] 2014 Outfield Summer Camp for the Wuwei IEP @ the Yellow Mountains

On 19th July 2014, CWin organised and led the newly graduated Year 3 students at Wuwei No. 1 High School on an outdoor summer camp at the Yellow Mountain (Huangshan). The activity was very successful, and will prove to be a very unforgettable experience for the students and the teachers.

The main objectives of the summer camp was not only to reward the students for their 3 years of hard work, but was also aimed at cultivating their team work, team spirit, resilience, and hone their mental perseverance.

During the one-week camp, the students from WW experienced different kinds of adventurous and educational activities (e.g., simulated outdoor shooting games, mountain hiking, river wading, treasure hunts, interactive activities with the foreign teachers).

On the yellow mountain, while embracing the beauty of nature, the students deeply felt and understood the meaning of having to cooperate to accomplish something bigger than themselves. With each hardship that they had to went through, they experienced the happiness after each success. This will undeniably be an unforgettable memory in their lives

The camp was highly praised by the teachers (of WW No.1 High School), parents and students alike.

The camp not only prepares the students for the challenges to come when they enter university, but also deepened their friendships, and memories of their high school life.

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