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[IEP] 2012 IEP Opening @ Tianchang High School

On 7th September 2012, the International Department at Tianchang High School held the opening ceremony for all Year 1 students in the school’s lecture theatre.

C Win Chairlady Madam Yap gave the opening welcome message, and emphasized on creating, exploring and cherishing the resources of the International Department to help students improve their English language proficiency. She also reminded the students to maximise their interaction time with our English teachers, so that we can achieve the aim of being Bilingual – echoing our slogan “Be Bilingual for our Future Success”.

Following that, Director Mr. Wang Shih Ching introduced the IEP content and objectives, what the IELTS is about, the syllabus objectives of the International English Course, and also the academic pathway after completing high school. He went on to stress the importance of the student handbook, and that the students should refer to it more frequently to keep track of their learning progress.

Mr. Tao Jin Qiu took over the stage and briefed the students on the activities organised by the International Department, study tours, and the rules and regulations of the department.

Finally, Dr. Joey and Ms. Jeannine Callwood gave the students some advice on English learning. Having confidence, and not being afraid of making mistakes are the first steps to good English learning. Both foreign teachers then encouraged the new students to participate pro-actively in future lessons and activities, and also welcome the students to visit the International Department for more interaction and to use the mini-library.

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