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[IEP] 2009 “The Voice of the Future” Contest @ HFUT Affiliated High School

A speech contest was held in the Hefei University of Technology Affiliated High School on the 10th June 2009, which was jointly organised by the International Department (C Win SIngapore), the Academic Research Department, as well as the English Department. Ms. Jean Clores (C Win Senior English Teacher) was the head organiser of this event.

The panel of Judges included 3 foreign teachers from the International Department and 3 English teachers from the school’s English Department.

The 14 contestants gave wonderful speeches during the contest, and there were also tension filled question and answers sessions. The first place winner, to our delight, was a student from our IEP class - Vinta Tang Ding Kun.

During the breaks, the IEP students also gave entertaining performances in singing and dancing. A special guest (Ken from the Philippines) was invited to sing a song for the audience during one of the break times – which understandably caused an instantaneous excitement among the students!

The event was a success not only in that the motivation for learning English was raised school-wide, but also because the entire event was managed by the IEP class (with some students acting as the emcees, some as tabulators, some performers, while others ushers). Thus, the students were not only learning by observing (and getting inspirations from) the speakers, but also learning through preparing for the event itself (by interacting with the Head Organiser Ms. Jean Clores), which is by itself very rewarding!

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