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[IEP] 2 IEP Students from Wuwei No. 1 High School won the NEC Prizes!

Two IEP students from Wu Wei No.1 High School recently emerged as winners in a national level essay contest - "My Foreign Teacher and I". Zhao Yin from Year 3 Class19, won the third prize with her essay "Enjoying Sunshine and Ripples with my Teacher", while Liao Dandan (also from the same class) won the excellent prize with her essay "Light of Glow and Star".

The national event was co-sponsored and organised by both the China Society for Research on International Professional Personnel Exchange, and the Development and International Talent Periodical Office. Aside from the essay contest the other segment was photo-taking contest centralised on the theme "Foreign Teachers’ View on China".

Both contests obtained overwhelming positive support and attention from the regional and local Bureaus of Foreign Experts Affairs and schools all over China, and were greatly welcomed and loved by the foreign teachers and students alike. The contests aimed to record the outstanding achievements of foreign teachers and the moving stories and profound friendship between foreign teachers and their students, so as to create a favorable environment for foreign experts working in China. The sponsor received 8647 essays totally in essay contest which covered 627 schools in 27 provinces and 388 foreign experts joined in the Foreign Teachers’ View on China photographic exhibition with nearly 1000 works.

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