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[Exchange] University of West Georgia Representatives visit Wuwei No. 1 High School

On May 6th, 2016 , through CWin, Dr. William Schaniel, the professor from the University of West Georgia (UWG) and his associate from Atlanta, Dr. Robert Jones, visited the international department at Wuwei Number 1 High School.

After a tour of the campus, Professor Schaniel and Dr. Jones met with the school principal Mr. Wei Wensheng and the administration team. Principal Wei described the history and academic activities of his school, followed by Professor Schaniel, who shared the brief history and current endeavors of UWG. Both parties discussed their vision of mutual cooperation for future international programs.

Following the meeting, Professor Schaniel gave a speech and presentation in the school auditorium to approximately 600 enthusiastic students. The topic of the presentation was "How to Become an International Person". After the presentation, Dr. Schaniel answered questions from the students who desired more information about studying abroad.

The school administration and students of Wuwei Number 1 High School were delighted to have the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas of cooperation with Professor Schaniel and Dr. Robert Jones.

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