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[Exchange] University of West Georgia Representatives visit Tianchang High School

To further promote international collaborative projects, bicultural ties and improve international educational exchanges, CWin invited representatives from the University of West Georgia (UWG), Professor William Schaniel and Dr. Robert Jones to visit Tianchang High School.

The guests were warmly welcomed by the Vice-Principal Mr. Zhao KeLin and the Party Secretary Mr. Liu ShiTao. Mr. Liu gave a general introduction of Tianchang High School and commended on CWin's efforts to further strengthen international ties, and that CWin had founded a good platform for them to communicate with the foreign institutions. Professor William also described UWG and expressed their interest and willingness to form a partnership with Tianchang High School, and hope that there will be chance for the school administration and students to visit UWG.

After the meeting, the guests gave a speech to the IEP students (topic: ‘What makes an international Person’), which encourages lifelong and continuous learning, the various kinds of experiences which help shape a person, being mindful when making decisions, and the importance of sharing unique and personal experiences.

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