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[Exchange] Southern University College Representatives visit Wuwei No. 1 High School

On the afternoon of 22nd April 2015, on the arrangements of CWin, representatives of the Malaysian Southern University College (SUC), president Dr. Thock Kiah Wah, and Director of Admissions Mr. Heng Hua Teck, visited Wuwei No. 1 High School for an educational exchange. Accompanied by CWin's director Dr. Wang Shih Ching and manager Mr. Tao Jinqiu, they visited the new campus of WW No.1.

The principal of WW No.1, Mr. Wei Wensheng and the school administration gave a warm welcome, and received Dr. Thock and Mr. Heng cordially. After an opening by Dr. Wang, both principal Mr. Wei and Dr. Thock introduced the current situation of their institutions and general educational directions respectively. Following that, the school administration led Dr. Thock and the group around the new campus, visiting the administrative buildings, classrooms, the newly constructed science laboratories, geography and biology exhibition room. Dr. Thock was impressed with the achievements of the school, and spoke highly of the facilities during the visit.

After the visit, the vice-principal of WW No.1, Mr. Zuo Qigui presided over a seminar in which Dr. Thock and Mr. Heng gave a presentation of SUC and it's programmes.

An introductory video of SUC was played initially, providing an overview of SUC, followed by a presentation by both representatives. During the seminar, Dr. Thock emphasised on the importance of using time wisely, and reminded the students that time itself, is the most important resource for young people, and they should cherish time instead of wasting it. Mr. Heng continued by introducing the academic programmes available at SUC. The concluding part of the seminar had students actively participating in a Q&A session, where both representatives answered the students queries in a mostly informational, yet humorous manner. The seminar came to a successful end amidst the enthusiastic applause of the students.

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