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[Exchange] ASB Principal visits Tianchang High School

On 12th May 2009, we had the honour of inviting Professor David Zhou, principal of the Singapore Asia School of Business, to our IEP partner school in Tianchang - Tianchang High School.

From Left to Right: Mr Tao Jin Qiu, Mr Zhao Ke Lin, Professor David Zhou, Mdm Tao Ning, Mr Wang Shih Ching

Together with CWin representatives, Professor Zhou shared with the Principal Mdm Tao Ning and Vice-Principal Mr Zhao Ke Lin on the different options that our IEP students could take after completing their 3 years programme in the High School. The three parties also discussed how to further improve the collaboration.

After the meeting and a brief walk around the school compound, Professor Zhou met the IEP students in their classroom. Following an introduction by Vice-Principal Zhao, Professor Zhou praised the students for their dilligence and studiousness. Knowing that Professor Zhou is also a Doctoral Tutor with the Beijing University, the IEP students listened in awe as he encouraged them in their studies. He also explained to them the 3 kinds of people who are entitled to formally wear a gown - Judges (with their gowns representing Justice), Priests (with their gowns representing holiness and sacredness) and lastly University Graduates (with their gowns representing the power of knowledge). He stressed the importance of working hard on the high school studies, confident that they would one day pursue a good university education in China or Singapore, and wear the academic gown with pride and honour.

Professor Zhou further reaffirmed their aims for studying the International English Programme (IEP), of broadening their horizons, and the availability of employment opportunities if they should choose to pursue a tertiary education overseas.

Though a short visit, it was definitely a motivational moment for the school and the students!

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