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[Exchange] 2019 Euphoric Singapore 7 Days Study Tour!

On July 14, 2019, IEP students from Lu’An No.1 High School and Tianchang High School joined the Euphoric Singapore 7 Days Study Tour organized by CWin Singapore.

During the trip, students not only studied in local school, but also visited Singapore botanic garden, Indian temple, the Merlion park, the National University of Singapore, Singapore Universal Studios, etc.Students helped each other and explored together .They always accomplish the task given by teachers.

At the same time, students also had the Extracurricular learning lessons, tried local delicacies.Students have fully experienced the lifestyle of this diverse country. On last day,students got Certificate of Completion through group cooperation.

This study tour served not only as a reward for their hard work over the two semesters, but also sought to increase their knowledge and broadened their horizons.

In the meantime, they also established international friendship across national boundaries.The most important thing is students have set their goals after visiting the National University of Singapore.

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