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[Exchange] 2012 Anhui School Delegate visits Singapore

Under the arrangement of C Win, our IEP partners from Anhui Province - Tianchang High School and Wu Wei Number 1 High School visited Singapore in July 2012, with the purpose of observing and learning about the academic contents, teaching methodologies, educational reform strategies, and educational management strategies of Singapore Secondary Schools.

Accompanied by CWin representatives, the delegate from Anhui paid a formal visit to Hwa Chong International School (Singapore), and attended a presentation about the school and its academic programme (i.e., the International Baccalaureatte (IB) system). A discussion session was later held to discuss about the differences between the Chinese and Singapore education system, and the current and potential educational structures for Secondary School students in the 21st Century.

The delegation would later visit the National University of Singapore, and briefly learn about the current changes in University course specialisations and current employment situation for university graduates in Singapore.

The trip was very successful, and it certainly reinforced the understanding and collaboration between C Win and the schools, especially with regards to the overall understanding of school governance in Singapore, the difference in academic content in both countries, and also the academic pathway of the IEP students (after the high school stage). With this new level of mutual understanding, all parties will work better together in the future to further improve the operations and management of the International Departments in the respective schools.

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