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[Exchange] 2010 Anhui School Delegate visits Singapore

A 6-person delegate from Tianchang High School visited Singapore on a 6 day academic exchange trip, from 14th July 2010 to 19th July 2010, organised by C Win Singapore.

C Win has worked with Tianchang High School on the International programme since 2007, and this would be the first time that school representatives are visiting Singapore. During the visit, the delagate visited the Nanyang Technological University, River Valley High School, and C Win Learning Centre. Both Tianchang High School and the River Valley High School had also expressed interest in forging a Sister-School relationship.

The trip was a success, with the leaders of Tianchang High School gaining a more in-depth understanding of Singapore, its Multi-Racial Culture, its Educational System, and also insights of how the school and C Win could further work together to accomplish more.

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