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[Collaboration] Partnership with Glenfield College NZ

CWin recently signed a partnership agreement with the Glenfield College of New Zealand in April 2009, with Ms Sally Rax, the Director of International Students of Glenfield.

We are currently discussing with Ms Sally Rax on the possibilities of doing student exchange programmes (and possibly scholarships) between Glenfield and the IEP students at all locations. We are also discussing the possibilities of developing interactive educational programmes together, and also to organise teacher exchanges for our IEP partner schools.

Ms Sally had previously visited our Hefei IEP in March 2007.

Signing of the Memo of Intention with our Hefei IEP Partner

During her last visit, she also signed a Memo of Intention with 2 of our partner schools (the Affiliated High School of the Hefei University of Technology, and the Lu'An Number 1 High School). The schools have agreed to work together to promote international educational cooperation in Anhui and New Zealand, and will work towards greater cooperation and encourage exchange of dialogue and ideas.

Signing of the Memo of Intention with our Lu'An IEP Partner

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