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Administrative Documents for the IEP

What can you find here?
Below are templates of some administrative documents that teachers are required to complete and submit. The reasons for doing these are:

1. This is part of our
due diligence as teachers.
2. As we are all in different locations, these would help us monitor the teaching and learning process.
3. The School Partners, City Education Bureaus, Provincial Education Bureaus would ask for these during their Annual or Ad-hoc
Audit (yes, Audit is a big thing).

Though these are part of the Teaching/Educating process (meaning you would have done this anyway without us asking), they have been put here in a separate section to highlight the
administrative importance.

The files include:

Lesson Plan Template (this is a guide, different teachers may have different styles, but the most important thing is the "Objectives" - these have to be stated clearly. If this is not clear, it means you don't really know what you are doing.)
Lesson Observation Form Template (you would be required to observe other teachers' lessons sometimes)
Important Reminder:
Do note that these materials are for internal use only, and external circulation, distribution or use are strictly prohibited.
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