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[IEP] Guest Teacher (Joseph Moody) @ Lu'An No.1 High School

On 17th September 2010, we invited Mr. Joseph Moody (Coordinating Director of CDT Singapore, and Senior Academic Consultant of C Win Corporation Singapore), to give a presentation to 4 of our IEP classes at Lu’An No.1 High School on the topic of “Studying in the USA”.

During the presentation, Mr. Moody talked about the differences between a University, a Liberal Arts College, and a Community College. Using the Edmonds Community College (Washington) as an example, Mr. Moody guided the students through the reasons for selecting a Community College over a University.

Being an American and a Singaporean Permanent Resident (and whose Singaporean daughter just started her undergraduate studies in the U.S.), Mr. Moody was also able to explain the finer aspects of living and studying in the States.

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