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[IEP] 2015 X'Mas Celebrations @ Lu'An No. 1 High School

The Lu'An IEP team held a Christmas celebration for the year 1 students on the 23rd December. Prior to the celebration, students learned Christmas vocabulary, were taught the "true meaning of Christmas" and learned several Christmas carols.

For the celebration, students first enjoyed warm chocolate, sang Christmas carols and enjoyed a "surprise" visit from Santa Claus. Students were able shake Papa Noel's hand and some even gave him hugs! (for extra Christmas presents we're sure!)

The second activity included musical chairs. The girls participated first and then two groups of boys. The winners of both girls and boys received a prize.

The last activity....drum roll........was the balloon stomp. Students were instructed how to tie their respective balloons around their ankles and then participated in the competition to see who could be the last one with a balloon. Winners for both girls and boys were given a prize.

As this was, for the majority, the first Christmas experience for the students, the teachers wanted it to be special. They counted their success on the amount of participation of everyone in the class. Everyone participated and everyone really enjoyed the games and activities.

A simple KTV Christmas party was held in the IEP classroom on the 8th floor.

Prior to the party, the teachers taught the students about Christmas: 1. The true meaning of Christmas. 2. Christmas traditions 3. Christmas in the U.K.

In the party, students sang Christmas songs in English and Chinese. Some students had chosen their own songs and prepared them in advance. Aside from KTV, there was also a raffle draw. 5 lucky students got a pen from Singapore, while 25 of them got a bar of snickers. A game (Left – Right Christmas story) was also played and lucky enough to have Santa back in town. Candies and chocolates were given away to everyone.

Students were singing their hearts out and enjoyed themselves in the party.

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