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[IEP] 2009 Speech Contest @ HFUT Affiliated High School

To promote a school-wide English learning environment, and to increase the overall motivation among students, a Speech Contest was held in the Hefei University of Technology Affiliated High School on the 30th December 2009, which was jointly organised by the International Department (C Win SIngapore), the Academic Research Department, as well as the English Department. Ms. Jean Clores (C Win Senior English Teacher) was the head organiser of this event.

The panel of Judges included Mr. Eustaquio Damaolao (Philippines), Ms. Lanz Nacua (Philippines), and Ms. Andrea Castro (Columbia).

During the breaks, the IEP students gave entertaining and well choreographed performances in singing and dancing.

There was also an English sketch that was prepared by some of the IEP students (the students wrote the script themselves, practised and rehearsed without any help from the teachers).

At the end of the contest, the audience were wildly surprised when the emcee announced that the foreign teachers would be giving a secret dance number (Jean, Tax and Lanz danced to the song “Nobody but You” by the Korean Pop Group “Wondergirls”)!

The event was a complete success, and ended on a very positive and happy note.

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